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The Home Improvement Nightmare-Who’s To Blame and How To Avoid It

December 17, 2015

Unless you live in a remote part of the country with no
television, newspaper or other people to talk to, there is a good chance
you have heard or read about a home improvement scam or project gone
wrong. It seems to be a fact in this country that when you go about
doing a home improvement project you will usually encounter countless
problems, delays and shoddy work.

The home improvement experience
leaves most people stressed and vowing never to do another project
again! So it is not surprising to hear that home improvement complaints
rank at the top of consumer complaints nationwide year after year. Where
does the blame fall for this epidemic of home improvement problems?

am proud to say I was a home improvement contractor for almost 30 years
and I was fortunate enough to win some of the industry’s highest
awards. However, it has never ceased to amaze me the poor home
improvement decisions that I have seen so many homeowners make. One of
the more notable mistakes I would see done over and over again was when
a homeowner would blindly hire someone to do a project because the
person was a friend or a friend of a friend. To me this reasoning makes
no sense.

Friendship and craftsmanship are not related, but for
some reason a lot of people believe other wise. Another great example of
homeowner apathy is hiring someone to do a project without ever putting
anything in writing. Who in their right mind would ever agree to such a
disastrous situation? Another very similar blunder would be for a
homeowner to blindly accept an estimate on the back of a business card.
Usually the only information that has room on the back of a business
card is the PRICE.

A major mistake made by many people doing a
home improvement project is letting price dictate the decision on who to
hire. More problems occur because homeowners pick the lowest price they
can find. Why? It is very simple. You can only produce a high quality
project at a certain cost. High quality materials, expert labor,
appropriate insurances and a reasonable profit to stay in business, cost
a certain amount of money.

If someone can do that same project
under that amount, what do you think is going to happen when the job is
being done? That’s right, the person or company is going to do anything
they can to try and make a profit. All of the possibilities that could
result from the person you hired, as the low bidder, trying to make a
profit, are simply all BAD for the homeowner. In home improvements you
get exactly what you pay for.

Let’s not forget to put some of the
blame on people looking to work on your home. Over the years I have seen
some of my competitors commit heinous business practices. (Surprise!!) I
have seen contractors switch materials to lesser quality without
customer approval, use unqualified labor, overcharge homeowners for
“unforeseen problems”, try to up sell the customer once the project
starts, etc.,etc.,etc…….it makes you wonder if you can trust anyone?

where does the blame fall for all the home improvement complaints year
after year? I guess it would be easy to blame the homeowner for not
educating themselves on what to do when attempting a project. However
the next question would be where does a homeowner get “educated”? Maybe a
better question would be when does a homeowner find the time to get
“educated”? Education is a great tool if you have the time to do the
research. Most people don’t have the time or want to take the time to do
hours and hours of research on how to go about getting a home
improvement done correctly.

Oops I almost forgot Uncle Sam. A lot
of people, including myself, think the government makes it too easy for
someone, who has no ethics or skills, to do home improvement work. Why
are there still some states that do not have licensing for people doing
home improvements? And in the states that do have licensing, why are
some of these states issuing licenses without the applicant needing to
demonstrate any type of competence in home improvement work? This is
like giving out a driver’s license without taking a road test. Doesn’t
make much sense to me.

One last situation to blame, one that I would never
forgive myself for not mentioning. Home improvement television shows
have become the latest fad in television. You can hardly change
television channels without a home improvement program popping up. The
influx of home improvement shows on television has been phenomenal.
However, most of these shows tend to unrealistically glorify the home
improvement project as being easy to do with nothing ever going wrong.
The last time I looked, nothing ever goes perfect, including home
improvement projects. Little, if any information is mentioned on these
shows, about how not to be “taken to the cleaners” when doing a project.

would have to conclude that there is plenty of blame to go around when
it comes to the problems homeowners face when attempting a home
improvement project. Unfortunately, most of these problems have been
around for many years and if you are expecting a “quick fix”, I think
you might be waiting a very long time.

Since I retired from the
home improvement industry two (2) years ago I decided it was time to
stop worrying about who or what to blame about the constant wave of home
improvement complaints (it really seems to be a waste of energy since
nothing seems to change) and to put together a way for homeowners to
fight back and get the home improvement results that they deserve.

is why I founded The Home Improvement Success Club of America (TM). The
club’s website, which I hope you will visit, can be found at This is a one-of-a-kind club that guides homeowners on how to get high quality, problem free, home improvement results.

to this club includes The Home Improvement Success System, a complete
how-to home improvement system that details all the steps you need to
take to make your project a success. The club membership also includes a
web forum to ask questions, phone consultations, monthly newsletters,
teleseminars, teleclasses and written evaluations of member estimates
and contracts.

This club guarantees to short cut the time
homeowners need to learn how to complete any home improvement project.
You are shown what to do and what to avoid. All the information that you
receive from this club you could spend months trying to find, but by
joining this club it is at your finger tips 24/7.

To do a home improvement project correctly you need to follow five (5) steps. These steps are:

1. Define your project based on your needs, finances and structural constraints.

2. Determine who can complete the project.

3. Evaluate perspective candidates (including yourself) who you may want to use to complete the project.

4. Prepare a contract that is “thorough” and protects you from poor home improvement situations.

5. Completing certain tasks when the project is being built.

five steps seem relatively easy to understand but it’s the
“particulars” (exactly what to say and do) of each step where most
people fall short. Knowing these “particulars” are what makes or breaks
your project. Membership to this club will guide you to completing a
home improvement project without all the problems and aggravation that
most people go through.

If you are interested in protecting your
home from the home improvement nightmare, than visit The Home
Improvement Success Club of America Website. Joining this club is the
next best thing to getting “Home Improvement Insurance”. All Club
memberships come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

By Hank Jaworowski, CR

Founder and President of The Home Improvement Success Club of America(TM)

The Home Improvement Success Club of America(TM)


Green Cork Flooring Is The Ultimate Choice In Homes Today

December 17, 2015

The type of flooring that is used in the home plays a major role as there are many factors to consider. If there are children or seniors in the home, it is advisable to use material that is soft and durable. Cork flooring has become popular in homes for various reasons. Apart from the fact that the product is eco-friendly as a renewable source, it is easy to install and offers a natural cushioning. People who suffer from joint pains who find it difficult to stand for hours on end, find cork a soothing surface that removes the stress and tension from their hips, neck, shoulders and knees.

Cork has a surface that is multi-cellular and this is ideal as a sound absorbing surface. If you are living on the ground floor, you will be well aware of the disturbance that you experience when people walk on hard flooring above you. Cork flooring minimizes the sound in a room and enhances the acoustics for people who enjoy listening to music. Each tile or plank has a unique design and shade that combine to form intricate designs that make this material sought by many designers.

Cork can be used in glue down tile form or as floating flooring planks that click together in kitchens. It is advisable to seal the flooring with water based polyurethane. It will protect the subfloor from damage caused by moisture. A floating cork flooring in the kitchen meets the same industry standards as high end laminate flooring.

Cork is excellent in the kitchen as it has natural anti-microbial properties that prevent bugs and mites from settling in. Read more about the benefits of using cork at the website of iCork Floor LLC as they have various types of cork flooring and tiles for use in homes.

Read the reviews written by people on the website and you will find that the product has become extremely popular in many homes and offices. Cork floors provide great comfort for people standing for long periods of time. The cushioned impact that it provides due to its natural resilience makes it an ideal choice for kitchens. The polyurethane finish ensures that the organic or non organic spills that can occur in the kitchen can be easily cleaned. It is easy to clean these floors with neutral floor cleaners and regular maintenance will give the floors their clean and durable look for a long time. Contact the manufacturers if you have any questions on the material to use this cost-effective solution for you home to ensure an eco-friendly environment.

Top 10 Kitchen Improvements, Upgrades and Enhancements

December 15, 2015

  1. Refinishing cabinets – Refinishing cabinets are ‘Do It
    Yourself’ roles that cost you less. Most kitchen cabinets wear out and
    get greased by oils ending up looking undesirable. Instead of replacing
    the cabinets why not re-finish them to look good again. You can choose
    another colour of paint and refinish your cabinets.

  2. Refurbishing floors – The floor enhances the way a
    kitchen looks and that is why it is important to consider the material,
    colour and reliability factors when choosing the flooring. If the
    flooring element of your kitchen is not appealing then consider new

  3. Lighting – Many people are now improving their kitchen
    interior by enhancing the lighting. A kitchen can look more appealing
    with the courtesy a ceiling light fixture, recessed light or pendant
    lighting. There is a wide variety of options to choose from.

  4. Decorating – There is a wide range of decorations to
    choose from therefore you may choose to hire a designer to do the work
    and plan the d

Decorating Your Home Interior – Expressing Your Inner Self!

December 14, 2015

Decorating the interior of your home gives you a perfect
opportunity to express your personality. It also allows you to put
forth your hobbies; your interest in art, different cultures, and
furniture. Home decorating can be done in different styles, each having
its own appeal, simplicity as well as complexity. However, you can
definitely find a style that suits your tastes as well as fits nicely in
your budget.

When plans for decorating your home interior are
being made, top priority should be given to budget. It is very well to
visualize the recreation of a perfect space in your home, but when you
come down to earth, you may find it proving quite expensive and creating
an obstacle in your intentions. But take heart; there is no need to get
discouraged. There are so many different ideas to achieve what you have
set out to do. The suggestions for home decorating garnered from
magazines, television programs, books and websites of the internet can
prove very helpful and you will find them in plenty. Using these
resources, you can overcome any obstacles that you will face while
decorating your home interior.

In case you have a love for color
and authenticity in decorating home interior, several designs are at
your disposal. Primitive interior decorating of home interests some
people as it uses handmade old items. This way you can display your
collections of handed down treasures to a great advantage. This style
lays emphasis on furniture and accessories which look ancient, stained,
worn or antique. Primitive interior decoration might suit you perfectly
if you have a passion for antiques. This design stands out if painted
with warm and dark shades. Red brick or deep grey would also go well in
this style.

Whimsical decorating is yet another style which you
may find worth exploring. Here you give a free reign to your wildest
imagination. Use of any or all your favorite colors is permitted and you
could decorate the space all over with various colors and patterns. The
all-important aspect is the color. If your choice is vibrant bold
colors, you must stay in the perimeter of that color hue. If you prefer
to use pastel colors, then only pastel color shades should be used.

you don’t feel comfortable moving from the ancient to the modern
decorating of home interior, then the design most likely to suit you is
the traditional design. This style of decorating home interior blends
the modern look with the elegance of the ancient. Space is emphasized in
the traditional design. With the use of neutral colors like mushroom or
beige on the walls, a spacious atmosphere is created. Darker colors
like mauve, burgundy, greens and blues add a punch of color in this
design when used for the rugs, fabric, upholstery, etc. Accessories made
of china and crystal goods compliment this traditional style. Artwork
can also be added to the space. Wooden frames of paintings look great
with this traditional style.

These are but three of the numerous
designs for decorating your home interior. There is definitely one for
just you. You can familiarize yourself with their characteristics of
color, flooring, furnishings and accessories by browsing through sources
of home interior decoration. Keeping your preferences and interests
uppermost in your mind, you will surely be able to zero in on a style
that would suit you perfectly. Decorating your home interior can
transform your home into a heaven of pure joy.

Home Furniture Expansion Room Space

December 13, 2015

In general, the total area occupied by the largest items of
furnishings in the living room. It brings the convenience of life, while
overran we Cuntucunjin living blank. Home with limited space, if we can
buy suitable house and home , will not only be able to meet the needs
of use, but also allow blank seems larger. This depends largely on the
form and dimensions of the house and home . Simple shape, texture light,
compact furniture, especially those random combinations, dis-assembly
storage furnishings more suitable for a small family.

Small furniture is preferred

In the case of limited blank, small house and home is your first
choice. Small furniture use of the area to take up less than the average
furniture, people feel room seem larger. The small living room
furnishings preferred low sofa. Low design of this sofa, no handrails,
streamlined shape, placed in the living blank feel more fluid confines.
According to the size of the living blank area, you can choose three,
two or 1 +1 type, matched with a small round table or mini TV cabinet,
the space feel larger lot.

And furnishings vision extends

International popular the oriental Buddhist sense, popular and Japan
style furnishings . This style in a small space like a duck to water.
And house and home mostly partial miniaturization, the same time the
general and the furniture Duocheng emerged low look, simple lines,
funky, simplifying the lines of the room, so that the whole room look

General home house and home, mostly up development, and
furniture has brought a different type of thinking, upcoming furniture
down development, so that the the vision clinics height greatly reduce,
such Visual burden, the feeling of confines broadened.

Functional furnishings flexible use of space

The functional house and home full of changes, changes in the shape
according to the needs of the confines. Most in need of such a small
area of the space furniture can change over space. Such as collapsible
tables, tables and chairs with wheels. Random folding dining table is
the first choice of a small room, this dining table is the best choice
at the table arc shape, usually when the small dining table and bench
use, when many of the guests, but also lengthened, widened. Single large
multi-use sofa bed, as well as the selection of a small bedroom, a
space has two purposes, either when the living space when the bedroom.

The triangle arc furnishings space

Furniture house and home to make the inter space feel it? This is a
little tricky. The small living room can try the triangle house and
homes law. Coffee table is the center, and on both sides of the sofa
triangular pendulum method allows the confines to save a lot. Arc-shaped
decoration method is to choose to try to arc-shaped furniture, such as
round tables and round chairs, room mix unobstructed become more
spacious. Angular furnishings , partition the inter-space is very
fragmented, seem to make the space more disoriented.

Compare Energy Prices – Shop Wisely

December 12, 2015

It’s hard to imagine life without electricity. In a world that
relies on electrical appliances and equipment to function properly every
day, it’s impossible to do anything right without this important source
of energy. How can a person see clearly at night without light-bulbs?
How can a person star his day right without coffee makers? How can one
make breakfast in the morning fast without toasters and electrical
stoves? Every household appliance relies on electricity to work. In
relation to this, the more appliances you have, the more payment you’ll
receive every month. The global recession is making everything more
expensive even the electricity prices. If you want to keep on using
electricity freely without paying much for it, then be sure to find ways
to lessen your payments. Compare energy prices of the different firms
that exist in your area.

When looking for a good company, it is imperative to
find the best one. There are multiple companies that exist in one city
so you won’t find it hard to locate each one. Locating a company is made
easier because of the internet and other sources like newspapers,
yellow pages, and even friends and relatives. If you are a smart
shopper, then you’ll make use of the mediums mentioned above.

It’s not a bad idea to opt for help from people you know when searching
for a good service supplier. You are both using the same services so
it’s probable that you are experiencing the same dilemmas. Everyone has a
problem and in a world that relies on electricity, financial problems
are always existent.

People who have the same problems need to stick together and help each
other for as long as they can. They need to find ways to help one
another. In relation to this, if you have friends in the area, then
asking directions for companies that might aid you with you with your
issues can be a great help. You will be pointed to the right direction
as that is what friends do-they help each other. Don’t look at this
strategy as something troublesome, instead look at this as a way to
tighten bonds as well as help ease the problem you are suffering due to
high-priced payments.

Your decision to seek help from
individuals who are going through the same dilemmas can greatly lessen
your monthly obligations. You and your family will be free to use
electricity for as long as you want without paying much for it. Be sure
to shop for the best firm by making electricity compare with the help of
your friends.

Bedroom Furniture Ideas On a Budget

December 11, 2015

Furnishing a bedroom with quality pieces often falls by the wayside when youre shopping on a budget. After all, its one of the more private spaces in most homes. Were often more inclined to devote household dcor dollars to the living room, dining room, or kitchen spaces that host guests and serve as daily social hubs. But bedrooms are where we spend more time than any other room when you count hours of sleep. The right bedroom furniture can turn that space from functional into a personal sanctuary that genuinely enhances your quality of life.

Discounted bedroom furniture is a great way to find the pieces you really want at more affordable prices than you ever thought possible. Shop with an e-tailer and youll receive everyday low pricing on many popular brands of bedroom sets, bed frames (including daybeds and bunk beds), headboards, mattresses, nightstands, dressers, bedding, and more.

Get bedroom furniture for just about any taste or theme. For contemporary spaces, look for simple lines and black or white frames, many available in durable, coated metal. For more traditional rooms, youll want hearty cherry, oak, and other wood finishes with turned legs and carved panels.

Bedroom Furniture for Children and Guests

The bedroom furniture your children treasured as toddlers may not be quite as popular as they near the teen years. Give your childs room a makeover without breaking the bank when you find discount bedroom furniture online.

Discount bedroom furniture is also a great way to furnish a spare room that might not be living up to its full potential. Browse simple bed and nightstand or bed and dresser bedroom sets that can easily and efficiently turn a spare room into a guest room.

Basic bedroom sets are also great gifts for college students and young professionals. Getting started (or even starting over) is financially challenging for young adults, so look for gift ideas that help them get comfortable and settled in their new place.

Shop for Bedroom Sets Online

You might not have considered shopping for bedroom furniture online due to factors like shipping costs and tactile experiences. Did you know that e-tailers like Bedroom Furniture N More offer many items with free shipping? And the detailed product descriptions from brands you already know and trust arm you with all the information you need to buy bedroom furniture with confidence.

Bedroom Furniture N More has a large range of products and prices. Starting with more economical items, youll find minimalist style from brands like South Shore and Prepac. For more luxurious items, look at the bold or elegant pieces from American Drew, Stanley Furniture, and Tommy Bahama. Shop during the deeply discounted holidays season to save more money on more products.

Thundershield Floor Coating Is an Ideal Flooring Care Solution

December 9, 2015

Worldwide Industrial Enterprises, NY offers a highly durable protective coating which is perfect for any kind of surface. The company has been in this profession for many years and has earned strong goodwill from the customers by providing them with excellent products and great customer service. Thundershield floor coating is their flagship product which is perfectly safe to be applied to almost all types of surfaces. It is the best product to make concrete floors elegant and protect them from future damages. Other than concrete flooring, Thundershield floor coating can be easily applied on steel and wood surfaces to provide an ultimate finish. Also, the application process does not require any professional assistance.

Floor coating is applied to protect the surface of a floor to give it strength and durability. Thundershield floor coating by Worldwide Industrial Enterprises is available at the most affordable prices, making them suitable even for customers who want to renovate their floors on a tight budget. A member of the Better Business Bureau in good standing, Worldwide Industrial Enterprises provides the best coating material to its clients with complete quality assurance. The primary aim of the company is to fulfill the different coating needs of clients by providing them excellent products along with unparalleled service. Thundershield paint comes with the wide variety of colors and designs that enable customers to choose the best as per their requirements.

With the diverse floor coating requirements of customers, the company offers floor coating solutions for all kinds of areas. Thundershield paint can be used in a homeowner’s garage, a wooden deck, metal roof, industrial warehouse, automotive shops, bar and restaurant surfaces, gymnasium floors and much more. There is no need for any professional assistance in using this unique product. In case you have questions, feel free to contact the company’s efficient team of professionals. Check out the complete details about their products, by browsing through

Make Your Home Beautiful With Boen Flooring London

December 8, 2015

When looking for a quality brand of flooring there are only a handful of reputable companies to choose from at the top of the list one company stands out from all the rest. Boen, creator of flooring since as far back as the 1600s in Norway. Boen has history of creating flooring that is of a very high quality with enormous attention to detail utilizing raw materials to create a beautiful and classic product. Boen considers their employees of artisan quality being diligent in crafting a timeless and elegant product. Boen creators of flooring offering a remarkable appearance that is adaptable to every style of interior with their strip design and smooth crafted finishes.

With several types of flooring from engineered flooring that is comprised of 3 layers consisting of a top layer of hardwood and two layers of spruce offering the customer a durable choice when traditional hardwood is not always an option. Boen has traditional hardwood flooring that is a popular choice of the masses. Definitely oak with its ever tight grain makes for a durable walking surface and excellent for hardwood flooring being elegant and gracious while promoting durability and longevity. Boen flooring London has a natural grade of flooring that is consists of spilly streaks of sap as well as various knots.

Boen offers 2 types of topcoat finishes made from lacquer complementing the hardwood with a smooth and flawless finish. A lacquer matt finish is primarily dull in sheen with a maintainable surface. The lacquer satin finish has a sheen that is slightly glossy finish that promotes durability while being easy to clean.

Boen flooring London can be installed easily in both residential as well as commercial applications. The uniclick and x-press system allows the engineered flooring to be installed as a floating style floor allowing a faster and more precise installation. This means strait lines and no gaping between boards. When using an in floor heating system Boen engineered flooring can be used with a barrier between the flooring and the in floor system.

The maintenance while very easy on Boen prefinished flooring is still a necessity that is why Boen has designed products and specifications on how to care and maintain its flooring. Boen Daily Cleaner, Boen Refresher, and Bona Naturale Polish all should be used as directed by the instructions for care and maintenance. Recommendations for treating floors are as follows: Bed rooms or living room areas (twice a Year) or as needed Hallways, stairways, traffic areas (twice a month) or as needed Places with heavy traffic should be treated 52 weeks a year (commercial buildings, schools, etc.)

Remodeling a Kitchen Can Be Great Fun

December 8, 2015

In certain parts of the country, the kitchen has always been the center of life in a home. In other regions, the center of the family life has moved from the kitchen to the family room or other areas. But today, in virtually all parts of the country, the kitchen has become central again. A kitchen that is both functional and comfortable is now the norm.

Whether you want to remodel your kitchen to make it more functional, more comfortable, more modern, or to provide more space for family life, you can create wonderful changes within most any budget. If you are considering a kitchen remodel to make a house more marketable, yes you are true, one survey is saying that you can expect 85 to 112 percent more than what you have expected.

Remodeling a kitchen can be great fun. It offers the opportunity to create a more energy-efficient kitchen and to create a space where the family can relax. Whether your remodel is simple or you want to create a gourmet super-kitchen, you can count on adding to the value of your home as you create a warm and functional family space.

And here is the some of the tips to re modelling kitchen

Your choice of appliances will be important in the total appearance of your kitchen. To be sure, appliances are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. There is, however, a clear preference in most new appliance purchases for stainless steel.You will also find a wide variety of sink styles and faucet and spray options. Sinks are available in the standard single basin style, as well as equal double basins or even double width with various configurations of additional small basins.

Ventilation windows can be simple or extravagant, depending upon the style you want to achieve in your remodeled kitchen, ranging from porcelain to stainless steel to copper.

Lighting is also important in your new kitchen. Installation of low-voltage under-cabinet lights are fully functional, energy efficient, and conducive to warmer lighting in the rest of the kitchen. In addition to light fixtures, you might want to consider installing a skylight for warmth and natural lighting.

Finally, you must ask whether this is something you can do yourself, or you need to hire a contractor. This will depend on the extent of the renovation, your skills and knowledge, and your time. You may be able to do all of the work yourself. You may need to hire someone to do the parts of the remodel that you do not feel competent to do. Or, you might just want to relax, have someone else do the work, and simply enjoy the result.