Building Or Remodeling Your Home to Be More Energy Efficient

Building or remodeling your home to be more energy efficient may
require an initial capital outlay but the benefits in the long term not
only include saving money but also makes for healthier living while at
the same time saving the nation’s energy resources.

energy use, or energy efficiency, means using less energy to provide the
same level of energy service. For example, insulating your house to use
less heating and cooling energy to maintain the same temperature. Or
installing fluorescent lights and light bulbs and/or skylights instead
of incandescent lights to attain the same level of lighting.

energy use is achieved mainly by the use of more efficient technology
rather than changing your habits, i.e. switching off lights when leaving
a room.

If you are building a new home it is much easier to
install energy saving or efficiency devices that when you are converting
an existing home. However, every energy efficient device you
incorporate into your home benefits not only you and your family but
also your community and the rest of the world.

Energy efficiency
devices can be divided into passive devices and active devices. Passive
devices are those that primarily save on energy use without actually
providing energy, i.e. roof and window insulation, while active devices
are those that actually provide energy or replace current energy
sources, in full or in part, i.e. solar or wind energy.

Passive energy efficient devices include:

1. Ceiling & roof insulation

2. Wall insulation

3. Window & door insulation

4. Floor insulation

5. Energy efficient lighting

6. Skylights

7. Sun tubes

Active energy efficient devices include:

1. Solar power

2. Solar powered devices

3. Wind energy

4. Wind and solar heating & cooling systems

Designing your
new home or remodeling project to incorporate energy efficient devices
can save you money in the long run, depending on where you live. Saving
can vary from a few dollars a month to thousands a year, depending on
what devices you install.

Ebooks like Home Made Power Plant
shows you how to install energy replacement devices at a relatively low
cost and without any major remodeling while online bookstores like
Amazon have a number of books on Green building, remodeling and energy
savings available.

Creating an energy efficient home may be the best decision you make this year.