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Build Water Garden And Ponds To Beautify Your Home Environs

June 20, 2015

A house with a beautiful view of flowing water like pond or river is believed as an auspicious home. A small pond outside your home gives a wonderful appeal to its outlook. Similarly, there are other natural accessories that can bestow your home with magnificent beauty like swimming pool, garden, fountains and landscaping. Building these accessories by your own is not possible as designing of water gardens and ponds take lot of time. Properly designed pond or water garden can make your home look extensively beautiful and also increases its money value. In Covington swimming pools are constructed by experienced team of professionals.

Quality of swimming pools plays a significant role. All the material used in its construction should be of superior quality. Hiring a company offering pool building and construction services is always a heady decision. Companies offering pool building and water garden building services can carter you with exceptional designs and styles along with great customer care at an affordable price range. In Covington ponds designed by these companies exude lushness with that royal appeal. Companies use high quality material for the construction of ponds, rivers and water gardens. Client satisfaction is the main motive of every company that strives for long term succession. To provide full-fledged satisfaction to their clients, these companies cater with customized services keeping clients requirements into consideration.

These companies can facilitate you with all kind of landscaping services including Mandeville patios, stone patios, stone walls, house designing, designing of outdoor living areas, night lighting, waterfalls, or anything that you need to beautify your surroundings. Companies offer these services to both residential and commercial clients. In addition, companies own experts who handle such kind of construction and building needs on a daily basis. They can also serve you with the facility of landscape design & installation, landscape maintenance, irrigation services, seasonal color design and installation, landscape lighting and other related services. Landscaping of an area is the first thing that comes into notice by the visitors.

Companies offering construction and building facilities also provide a huge range in home/garden accents and water garden supplies. These companies proffers full line supply of filters, UV sterilizers, rubber liners, natural stone, under water lighting, gold fish, fish food and aquatic plants. To aggrandize your beautiful elements the companies offer great variety in fountain selection, benches, pots, bird baths, chimes and other add on accessories. Many companies give special gift items if you avail water garden building and swimming pool building services from them. To know more about these companies, you can explore web.

Ajanra Homes Presents Ajnara Le Garden Villa

June 1, 2015

Ajanra Homes presents Ajnara Le Garden Villa. After a huge success of Ajanra Homes Noida Extension with 2/3/4 BHK Apartment they are coming with an amazing opportunity Once again at Noida Extension. Now they are coming by the Name of Ajnara Le Garden Villa which having all modern amenities and everything that need for a comfortable living.
Ajnara Le Garden offers quality, pure and contemporary villas, high-tech construction utterly design to offer an entire sense of authentic livelihood. A peaceful layout of pathways, water bodies and scenic beauty swiped with panoramic views provide the standard of living @ environs you deserve.
Under we clearly show price list of Ajnara Le Garden Villa.

Price List of Ajnara Le Garden :
DP (Down Payment Plan) @ Flexi plan 8%
CLP (Construction Linked Plan) @ Flexi plan + 6%

Unit Area
I.80 sq-yd
(1915 sq-ft.)Drawing/Dining ,5 Bedrooms, 5 Toilets, Verandah, Kitchen
Family Lounge, Balconies, Parking Space & Terrace
II.100 sq-yd
(2345 sq-ft.)Drawing/Dining ,4 Bedrooms, store with Dress/Servant, 5 Toilets, Verandah,
Family Lounge, Balconies, Parking Space & Terrace
III.120 sq-yd
(2620 sq-ft.)Drawing/Dining ,5 Bedrooms, store with Dress/Servant, 5 Toilets, Kids Room,
Verandah, Family Lounge, Balconies, Open Terrace, Parking Space & Terrace

The Price is Inclusive of External Electrification Charges, FFC, EDC, 1KVA Power Backup, Club-Membership,& One Parking Space
Additional Charges
IFMS (Interest free Maintenance Security) INR 25/- per sq-ft.
Lease rent INR 65/- per sq-ft
Green Facing INR 100/- per sq-ft.
Corner Facing INR 100/- per sq-ft.
Front Villas INR 100/- per sq-ft.
Double Green INR 150/- per sq-ft
A)Down Payment Plan
At the time of Booking10%
Within 30 days of Booking85%
On the offer of possession5%
B)Flexi Payment Plan
At the time of Booking10%
Within 45 days of Booking30%
On foundation work15%
On First floor Roof slab15%
On Top floor Roof slab15%
On Completion of Plaster flooring10%
At the time of offer of Possession5%
C)Construction Linked Payment Plan
At the time of Booking10%
Within 30 days of Booking15%
On foundation work15%
On Ground floor Roof Slab15%
On First floor Roof slab15%
On Top floor Roof slab15%
On Completion of Plaster flooring10%
At the time of offer of Possession5%

Beautiful Garden Shed Designs

May 28, 2015

Garden shed designs form the creative basis for any garden storage shed project. They can be born from a creative architectural mind, or maybe from ideas you may get from home and garden magazines and the likes. Your will have to choose from designs, which you find both aesthetically pleasing and that provide the best practical solution for your particular garden site.

The variety of type of garden shed designs available include the following:

Wooden Sheds.
Plastic Garden Sheds.
Metal Garden Sheds.
Overlap Garden Sheds.
Tongue and Groove Sheds.
Potting Sheds.
Log Cabin Sheds.
Corner Sheds.
Windowless Security Sheds.
Wheelie Bin Stores.

Each type is suited to varying needs and each one has its own particular use and appearance. Having so many options to choose from therefore entails time, to scrutinise the merits of each, before opting for the type of garden shed which best suits your storage needs.

You want to find the best available garden shed designs, which will allow you to construct the perfect solution for your personal garden storage needs. You will be able to produce a good structural timber building much cheaper than the overpriced ready-made ones that you see around. The best garden shed designs will keep everything simple and should aim to make woodworking and joinery good fun activities for you to get involved with.

There are a lot of garden shed designs youll be able to choose from, varying from the most simple rectangular designs to far more elaborate architectural design ideas. Before you start building your garden storage building, make sure you have the perfect garden shed designs to meet your proposed garden storage shed requirements.

With literally thousands of garden shed designs available to you, including step by step instructions, there is very little reason to construct a poor building that will not still be standing a short time later. Build your shed well, and you will be proud of your efforts and save a LOT of money in the process!

As an architect myself, I have over 35 years experience in building design and construction. As such, I understand and appreciate the need for good production drawings, which result in the most suitable garden shed designs. Such garden shed designs are just as important, even vital to, the overall creative planning and resulting finished building, as any bigger engineering or major building projects. Attention to detail is all important if you want to create the shed of your dreams.

Another possibility is that you may want to build a luxury garden shed as a form of extending your house, providing an economic and sensible solution, as opposed to the alternative high cost involved in building a traditional extension. These particular sheds can be fitted with electricity and even a phone line, providing an excellent solution to form an extra bedroom or office.

Our recommended garden shed designs provide a complete guide which details how to build a very attractive shed from scratch. You will receive detailed blueprints and step by step instructions that even a novice will be able to follow. Choose from 12,000 shed plans, designs and woodworking patterns.

Pruning trees and shrubs to enhance garden views

April 10, 2015

For a homeowner who doesn’t necessarily spend much time in their garden but wants to enjoy it from above, taking into account the garden views from upstairs windows and/or decks will help in dictating the planting plan.

In San Francisco, where garden space is typically 30′ X 30′, people look to maximize the design effects: creating outdoor rooms with patios, paths, fountains and arbors. The same is true with a garden that is mainly viewed from an upstairs deck or window. One example is a garden that we have been maintaining and restoring for over a year. The objective is that homeowner be able to see as much of the garden as possible from the 2nd and 3rd story decks. See:

An existing 35′ Podocarpus tree adjacent to the deck requires annual pruning and is due to be thinned and reduced on our next visit in October. While we typically schedule an arborists to prune trees larger than 25′, deck access from the homeowner and neighbor’s property make it possible for us to safely work on the tree.

Once the Podocarpus has been pruned the garden will require only minimal adjustments for the next 8 to 10 months. In the past year, we have pruned several Plum trees along the fence line and through out. At this point, they are in far better aesthetic shape: having opened up the garden as well as enhanced views. Tip pruning the canopy and select branches of Angel’s Trumpet: Datura, is also necessary throughout spring and summer for maintaining the deck views of the rear planting areas. Although this tree is frost tender in many climates, we are fortunate that it thrives in the Bay Area, and that there are several nice varieties to choose from.

Badly formed plants such as the leggy growing, purple flowering Princess Tree: Tibouchina, are also candidates for a severe heading back. While this pruning technique leaves the tree looking hacked and butchered for several months afterwards, on a healthy specimen, dormant buds will grow from the woody stumps creating a new floriferous head.

As with all gardens, the seasons bring about changes, creating new expressions. With fall upon us, our job for view enhancement is nearly complete, once the Podocarpus tree is pruned. After that, we will have many months to concentrate on the under story and plantings.

Nicole Martins is a contributing author and publisher to an online resource that provides you with information, articles of interest and reviews of the best selling outdoor furniture and patio accessories online.

Painting Garden Benches Correctly The First Time

March 30, 2015

Garden benches are useful because of their versatility of use and placement in and outside the home. But what if you bought one and now regret the color, or the wood grain doesn’t match with your deck? Or maybe you just are looking for a change. Painting garden benches is easy and worthwhile, provided it’s done correctly. Here’s how to paint wooden, metal and resin benches.

Wooden Garden Benches
To start with, you are going to need to remove any paint that’s peeling using a stiff wire brush, and remove all other bumpy varnish or paint using medium grain sandpaper. Next, you will want to wipe off sawdust using a damp rag and clean off the entire surface using soap and water. A clean surface will help paint better stick.

Once dry, you can start to paint your wooden garden bench. Apply a coat of primer to the wood and allow to dry completely before proceeding. If your wood has lots of discolored spots or knotholes, you can use a special primer that also works to remove stains. Either way, the drying process may take up to a day.

Next, apply a coat of exterior paint or paint that is meant specifically for outdoor wood furniture. Make sure that you get every visible surface and that paint is even and free of clumps and drip spots. Allow the first coat to dry completely before applying a second coat.

Benefit of painting wood: protects heartwood from rotting and also locks in preservative oils.

Metal Garden Benches

For painting metal, you will also need to clean the surface. Clean off dirt and rust spots using a wire brush and/or sandpaper. If there is strong staining of any kind, use a solvent like bleach or chlorine mixed with water to remove spots.

First, you will want to coat the garden bench with a latex, rust-resistant primer. This will also protect the metal from corroding. You can also look for primers that contain anti-mildew agents if you live in a particularly humid or moist area. If you will be using custom paint colors, you may want to tint your primer so as to use less paint applications. Primers and paints take longer to dry on metal than they do wood, so wait at least 24 hours before applying the next layer.

Apply one to two coats of metal-safe paints, allowing each coat to dry fully in between. Remember, paint may differ by material, so some paint for wood will not work to paint metal with.

Benefit of painting metal: protects against rust.

Resin Garden Benches
Painting resin garden benches is possibly the easiest of all because of the nature of the material. Resin is easy to clean, sticks well to certain paint and won’t corrode like metal. For plastic furniture, you can use Krylon spray paints. These best adhere to plastic and are easy to apply.

For all painting jobs, but spray painting in particular, work outside in a well ventilated area. It’s safer and will also save your home from possible spills and messes. To begin, clean off old resin garden benches with an ammonia solution, and clean new furniture with paint remover.

Next, you will need to protect all non-plastic materials on the bench from getting painted. Cover metal hardware and other pieces using masking tape. To begin painting, spray in thin coats for better control. You can apply up to four coats of spray paint, making sure once again to allow each coat to dry.

Benefit of painting resin: makes dull furniture shiny again, strengthens the surface of the material.

Build A Garden Shed Base! Tips To Consider

March 23, 2015

All garden sheds need a base or foundation for the structure to rest upon. Shed kits using steel, vinyl or wood do not include a base. Therefore, a garden shed base or foundation must be built before you begin to assemble the shed. If you make your own garden shed plans or purchase them, you must do so before you decide to build the base.

The kind of base you choose to make may depend on (a) land form, level or sloping area, (b) type of soil, sand or solid clay, including drainage, (c) weather conditions such as very dry, heavy rainfall, severe frost or high winds, and (d) size of structure, large or small.

A foundation made of poured concrete or cement blocks to form a wall under the perimeter of the shed might be your best choice for a large building or areas subject to poor drainage and severe weather conditions. The floor area can be left as dirt or made of poured concrete or wood after the structure is built. The building suppliers can give you all the information as well as materials needed to build a concrete or a cement block foundation wall.

For a smaller garden shed and where the area is quite level, a slab of poured concrete on several inches of gravel or crushed stone makes a very solid and durable base. A building anchored to this base can withstand extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, it provides a smooth and solid floor area for storage and work space.

A simple base can be made by laying cement or sidewalk slabs on several inches of gravel to form the perimeter of the shed. On top of the slabs, build a framework of treated 2″x6″ lumber and nail sheets of waterproof 5/8″ or 3/4″ plywood on top of the framework. This is ideal if you prefer a wooden floor. In high windy locations the base should be anchored to the ground with heavy stakes or steel rebars.

Remember, choosing a garden shed base is part of the planning process, whether you plan to purchase a garden shed kit or build a garden shed from scratch. Building suppliers are quite eager to help you to decide on the best building plans. There is also a good deal of information on the internet.

Play school franchise in India earns even in summer vacation via Summer Camps

March 22, 2015

Summer season time is the most joyful as well as the sunniest duration of 12 months and even to further improve the loving endeavors associated with the season there are ideologies.

These days the reputation of ideologies has turn out to be extremely excellent providing you a lot of options at major Preschool in India. For example, apply for technical ideologies, fictional or even sports-oriented ideologies, experience or else action ideologies where you can understand to colour, perform or even use your preferred guitar at summer camps. Therefore, ideologies are seen to be a great choice whatever your personal attention as well as age may be. Moreover, these types of “summer studying camps” are for all – kids as well as the grownups. The programs and also information are normally different as per age ye the objective continues to be the same – to give studying with plenty of fun at Preschool in India.

Five reasons to step into a summer studying camping this season are:

1) Summer season ideologies offer you a system to expert new skills

Summer activities are an excellent way of your summer break at Play school franchise in India. Instead of investing your summer styling on the sleeping sack missing in loving reveries, it’ll be much better if you put to use plenty of time perfecting a factor that may provide you with skills for a life-time. To carry out the same, you will find school ideologies. Also, ideologies can assist you understand, while you get some spare days off to lie on the hammock!

2) Get familiar to new individuals and as well , places

Experts feel ideologies help children drive out of their comfortable area. In a millennium when everyone is worrying undoubtedly on interaction abilities it is necessary that you set up a particular satisfaction and convenience with new individuals who might or might not be related in personality to you. Summer season ideologies, and even far more basically school ideologies provide as an fantastic method for you to communicate with more and more individuals. It takes you out of your comfortable area which has a excellent effect on your identification in the lengthy run.

3) Versatility to be engaged Numerous ideologies are rather flexible with regards to the programs they let you engage in at Play school franchise in India. Hence for multi-tasking lovers you can find plenty of opportunity to take up more than one action in the camping. There is generally no hardness as to what programs you opt provided that the timings don’t conflict.

4) Fulfill buddies with common passions Registering in a summer camp at Preschool in India shall help in making new buddies is an excellent factor since it can help you increase your social group. You may create long term relationship with a few while others may confirm to be helpful in forming your profession.

Have fun-filled summer learning at

No matter be your concept of becoming a member of, most ideologies is great fun to be at. Conditions are especially made to make sure that you stay amused as you understand. Some ideologies even have travel on their plan.

For more details you may visit – Pre school education, kinder garden schools –

Top 10 Things To Plant In Your Small Garden

March 19, 2015

You dont need a farm to grow a fruit and vegetable garden. In fact, all you do need is sun, water, and rich soil. Even more convenient is that nurseries sell most as seedlings, set and ready to grow right after being planted into the soil. Now you have several gardening options. You can plant a small fruit and vegetable backyard garden. Also, as options are windowsill and container gardening. Regardless of your garden of choice, here are 10 of the most common and easy to plant fruits and vegetables for small gardens.

1. Tomatoes – You can plant beefsteak, Roma, cherry, and a variety of other types of tomatoes. Tomatoes are a rich source of Vitamin C and are filled with the antioxidant, lycopene. Its best to plant tomatoes in May.

2. Bush Beans & Peas – Also, best planted in May are beans which provide a good source of iron and fiber. For extra space-saving be sure to use a trellis.

3. Peppers – One of the vegetables with the most diverse range of color options are peppers. Not only do peppers add a little spice to your garden, but they come in vibrant reds, greens, yellows and oranges. Peppers are best started in May.

4. Strawberries – Best grown in late fall and early spring, strawberries are fairly easy to grow. Whether being dipped in chocolate for dessert after a romantic dinner under the moonlight or thrown in the blender for a fruit smoothie, strawberries are a nice addition to any garden.

5. Squash – Summer squash come in a variety of shapes and colors. Some of the commonly grown types are zucchini and scallop which grow forming an upright bush. Summer squash are best started in May and June.

6. Broccoli – Rich in vitamins A and D, broccoli seedlings are best planted in April and May.

7. Cucumbers – These come in a variety of sizes and colors may range from green to yellow. Cucumbers are good in salads as well as a healthy and convenient snack option. They should be planted in May and June.

8. Asparagus – Seedlings for this delicacy should be planted in early spring. Asparagus are a great source of vitamin K and Folate. However, what is best about asparagus is the wide range of uses. It can be used as a laxative, for treatment of menstrual cramps and fertility problems and may even be used as an aphrodisiac to enhance sexual activity.

9. Lettuce – Of course the most common uses of lettuce is as a food topping and an ingredient in salad. However, some important nutrients in lettuce are vitamin A and potassium. Plant your lettuce in April.

10. Herbs – These are the best in terms of variety, flavors and usage. Whether used for medicinal purposes or to add flavor to your food, herbs are by far the easiest food to plant in a small garden. Whats even better is that they can also be grown indoors.

Cost control for garden landscaping

February 22, 2015

You want to begin a long overdue garden project so where do you start? Some of you will go to the local DIY store and pick up one of the many flyers that these stores produce that show how to do virtually anything from putting a post into the ground to building an extension to your property.

Some of you will go to a library, hunt out the most relevant books that are available and then return home and hope that your research has uncovered the books that have all that you need in them. Then there are those who need to know how things work, who want to take control so, they will treat the project as an excuse to learn something new and will attend night school or college to achieve the desired result.

However and whatever it is that you do for your project you will need to keep track of your costs. It is no use not having a clue on what it is going to cost as you will quickly realise that unless you keep them under review they will spiral out of control and you will spend more than you intended to.

When you are doing the job yourself it is important that you use a software package that allows you to be in control of your costs. It must be easy to understand and allow overspend areas to be identified quickly. It must be easy to use otherwise you won’t bother to use it and control will be lost. There are a few suitable software cost estimators on the market that can be used to help you but not all of them work on the behalf of the everyday designer/builder in a way that is understandable and straightforward.

As an individual you will find this process quite stressful and difficult.

Imagine how the stress levels would rise if you were in a gardening / landscaping business where people come to you for your knowledge and expertise and who want you to the work on their behalf. They will expect you to provide a professional looking quote, a detailed breakdown of costs around each element of the garden design and they will expect and demand that their money is being spent in an agreed manner and will not be interested in excuses as to why something is going to cost more than has specified.

They rightly feel that if costs escalate after the quote has been agreed and confirmed then the loser should be the landscaping company and not the customer. This is why is it is imperative that the professional has control over all aspects of design, build and costs because it protects their profit and this is an essential element of today’s cut throat business activity.

To protect and enhance your most precious commodity, that is, your reputation, is a vital part of your future business. Your clients must trust in every thing that you do for them. They can see that your testimonials show that you work closely with Landscape Architects, Garden Designers, Landscape Contractors, Local Authorities and Domestic Clients on a regular basis. They can see that you are a professional in the delivery of Landscape and Garden designs to cost and quality specifications, and as a Landscape tender consultant who wins and manages profitable projects for both employers, design professionals and contractors. What THEY want from you is someone who understands, and communicates that understanding of what They want, by providing clear, concise and accurate information on the project you are undertaking for them.

How To Layer Your Garden Landscaping

February 21, 2015

Enjoy your house with a beautiful new layered landscaping and garden? Probably so, and that is a good thing. Garden landscaping is more fun than one can imagine, and there is nothing more exciting than planting your own flower bed.

Great landscape gardening ideas can be found, and some of the best are online. A simple search on your favorite search engine will reveal an abundance of sites each with at least one fresh and unique landscape gardening idea you will be able to use as is or incorporate in your plan. The perfect landscape gardening idea is the key to success when looking at your front and rear gardens.

In order to get a good sense of what can be done, begin by walking around your property. You will want to be educated with the various levels and inclines on your land, as well as where the water drains. This will help you determine which landscaping idea could be right for you, as soon as you see it. The things will be easier if you notice them more. Never choose a landscaping idea without the proper research as you may not realize it can be completed until midway through the project. Consequently, careful research of each landscaping idea is needed so you will be well informed.

By layering your landscaping beds you will be able to add a whole other level of beauty to your landscaping design. Your yard makes the first impression on any visitor to your house, so giving a tour that showcases your awesome garden is a wonderful idea. You will be the talk of the neighborhood, and for all the right reasons this time, when you do some really good landscaping.

Layering your garden landscaping is uncomplicated. Finding out what kind of flowers you are planting is very important. The layout of your landscaping will be affected by many things including your choice of flowers and other plants. It is important to place the shortest plants in front of the taller plants. This is obvious but you should still make a rough sketch of where you want things laud out for your garden landscaping before you begin. This will assist you in keeping things as uncomplicated as possible. By proceeding in this manner, your garden landscaping will be finished more expeditiously and with less snags.

While doing your layers there should be 3 layers. If possible, your back row should face north and have the tallest plants, while the remaining rows should contain plants and flowers that go in in height. The trick of this kind of garden landscaping is that frequently the plants we buy are baby plants. Consequently, you will be required to speak with the workers at your nearest gardening center about the eventual size of your fully grown plants. This is key to successful garden landscaping. You need to plan so that the tallest part of your garden is at the rear, when layering your landscaping.

The layering affect of your landscaping project will add depth and make your garden much more interesting to look at. This factor alone will help you win at garden landscaping.