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Expand Your Home Security System With Monitoring Services

April 17, 2015

Your family, your property and your possessions are three of the
most important things in your life. It’s scary to think that these
things could be vulnerable, but in many cases that’s very true. If you
don’t have a proper home security system, you could be at risk.

home alarms feature a siren or other audible warning that sounds during
a break in. In many cases this is enough to stop the intruder from
continuing. However, that’s not all home security systems can do.

been proven that home alarm systems also deter crime. Many criminals
will avoid homes that have security systems equipped in favour of
attacking easier targets. A home alarm system won’t just protect you in
the event of a break in; it will prevent the break in from ever taking
place at all!

However, audible sirens are just a start. You can do
more to protect your home. Many home security companies offer
additional services that increase the safety and security of your home
and keep your family safe. These services can help you in a variety of

One of the best ways to protect your property is to
have your home monitored by a security monitoring station. Your home
will be watched over at all times by a central monitoring station, 24
hours a day, seven days a week. This service will immediately alert the
station if there is a break in and the appropriate authories will be

Monitoring services aren’t just effective in dealing
with break ins. To provide true, comprehensive home security, you can
combine your burglar alarm with a fire protection service. A monitored
fire detection service will alert the appropriate authorities in case of
fire or smoke even if you are away from home or sleeping. Live fire
monitoring can definitely save your property and even your life.

In addition to fire protection, alarm systems can also
feature carbon monoxide protection. Carbon monoxide is a deadly,
colourless, odourless gas. Being able to quickly detect carbon monoxide
could literally be the difference between life and death.

home alarm systems are not just for protection from external problems.
Ill or elderly people can benefit from monitored medical alert systems.
These services provide seniors with an emergency alert console or a
panic button that they can use in case of emergency. Pressing the button
will alert the the alarm monitoring station who will send for help.

alarm systems provide excellent protection against theft, property
damage and vandalism. You can make your home security system even
stronger with some additional equipment and security services. Talk to a
home security company to discuss how your home alarm system can become a
tool that makes your entire life safer and easier. For more
information, contact SafeTech Alarm Systems.

Top Home Security Motion Sensors Are Pet Immune

March 9, 2015

Consumers interested in home security systems will find that the
top home security systems are equipped with motion sensors. Motion
Sensors are used by homes and by businesses to detect human movement and
car movement. They are often used to turn on lights so that humans can
have easier access to garages and doors. They are highly relied upon in
home security systems.

With home security systems, motion sensors
are able to pick up human movement through the use of infrared light.
The infrared light picks up the movement which in turn triggers the
alarm. They are desired for home security because they are inconspicuous
to a burglar.

Some homeowners who own home security systems may
be concerned that while they are away from their homes these motion
sensors will pick up the movement of their pets. They wonder what would
happen if their pet walked in front of the sensor. Would the alarm be
triggered, thus rendering it a false alarm?

If you are dealing
with a cheap motion sensor, the answer may be yes. It will be confused
by the movement and will cause needless false alarms for you and for the
authorities. Cheap home security systems are never wise.

if you’re with a top security company, the answer to that question is
no. Top quality home security motion sensors have the ability to
distinguish between pet movement and human movement. However, if you
have a very large pet, you may need to upgrade your system to accompany a
large pet. Check with your home security company on upgrades for large

Pet immune motion sensors are a top improvement in
home security systems. Before, a pet owner had to lock their pet up,
keep it in a room without a sensor, or not use a motion sensor at all.

American homeowners own pets. Some homeowners use their dogs as watch
dogs, especially if they own a large dog such as a German Shepard or a
Doberman Pincher.

However, the professionals who understand what
adequate home security is do not recommend that homeowners rely on dogs
to protect their homes. In addition, it puts the dog in danger of
conflict with a burglar. Instead, installing a home security system that
is pet immune is the adequate form you should choose.

technology of motion sensors means that your pet must hit both beams of a
motion sensor in order for it to trigger. Because a pet is not long
enough, the alarm will not be triggered. A human, on the other hand, can
hit both beams. Again, if your pet is over 80 pounds, an upgrade may
be needed.

The only way for motion sensors to be properly
installed is if they are installed by a professional home security
company. That is why do it yourself projects are not advised. Motion
sensors have proven to be highly effective in the fight against
burglaries. They are components that need to be properly installed in
the home to insure that they will work as described.

The Home Alarm System and Live Monitoring

February 22, 2015

The single best feature that any home alarm system can have is
that of live home monitoring. The entire point of having a new age alarm
system is to cause an alarm output and response-not to the local
neighborhood (though some systems do have this feature) but to a central
monitoring center. The monitoring center is split up into several
bases, usually located in major cities across various states. The
ability of the security system to communicate with the monitoring center
is of central importance. This is why some companies have multiple
interconnected command centers. This is in contrast to lower quality
monitoring centers, some of which have only one center, or even
companies that outsource these emergency call center jobs to other

One problem with the old school home alarm (that simply
sounds a large siren, alerting neighbors to call the police) is the
prevalence of false alarms. Not only can they be irritating to
neighbors, but also after so many times, neighbors may start to ignore
the sirens and put off investigating the cause. In rural areas, a
sounding siren is somewhat pointless since there may be miles of empty
land and no one to hear the noise.

That leaves homeowners and home
security companies two choices: direct phone wire alarm system
monitoring or broadband monitoring. Both technologies of alarm systems
have advantages, as some believe hardwire systems to be operate more
efficiently and have less chance of failure, but others believe
broadband (or wireless) alarms function accurately thanks to improving
digital technology, and they are also far more convenient.

Most monitored alarm centers do not merely respond to
alarm signals; rather, they speak directly to the homeowner or in some
cases the intruder. This is ideal, as it not only protects the
homeowner’s property but can also summon medical officials in the event
of a medical emergency. If the operator speaks directly to the intruder
then one of two things can happen. Either the operator will urge the
intruder to cease and desist, informing him that police officials are on
their way to the scene, or the operator will ask cloaked questions of
the intruder, treating him as the homeowner and listening for a
predetermined password. While most monitoring center operators follow
the latter procedure, some people believe that patronizing the burglar
would be just as effective, hoping that he will desist from stealing
property knowing he has one chance to run away. Most home security
companies will leave this option up to the consumer.

advantage of live home monitoring is that operators can respond to a
variety of emergency signals beyond just home intrusion. Signals can be
sent for fire alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, sprinkler monitoring,
medical response and even computer failure. As you can see, live
monitoring continues to be the most important feature in any home
security system. Make sure that the company you work with is willing to
answer questions about their monitoring center and is willing to provide
full protection.

Why Home Security Alarms Are Important

February 20, 2015

When we are sad or in trouble we always go to the place where we
find comfort and security – our home. It is in our homes that we feel
comfortable, secured and safe from harm and from our enemies. But then,
what if someone tries to trespass our property and go inside our home?
Isn’t that scary? For sure, you want you and your family to be safe
within the house. Well, safety and security are the foremost reasons why
home security alarms were produced.

The home security alarm
systems that are now widely available in the market as what homeowners
find effective in keeping their home secure, protecting their valuables,
decreasing incidence of burglary and most of protecting their family.
Although, security alarm can be an additional expense on the part of the
homeowner and some alarms are expensive but then it is worth buying
especially nowadays that crimes particularly burglary happen in any
area. Alarms are now a necessity for us to purchase.

technology being used in security home alarm system has evolved during
the past years. Before, an alarm is usually made of long rolls of wires
being inserted in walls which can be a hassle to homeowners because it
sometimes requires renovation of the area of the house where these wires
will be attached. Also, in the past, it takes several days to finish
installing an alarm system especially when you have a big house to hook
up to. Some home owners says it “It’s a week of trash, dirt and damage”
just to install security alarms inside the house. But today, you will be
on the effectiveness and ease of installing modern home security
alarms. Most alarms now are wire-free and easy to install which means
you can set up an alarm system within a day or two. Furthermore, you
don’t need to break your walls to insert wires since wires will no
longer be necessary.

Apart from that, these home alarm systems are not
limited to burglary alone because a lot of alarm systems now include
unique features like they can detect motion, or even detect carbon
monoxide which can be harmful to the body and is considered to be a
silent killer. Alarm systems can also be customized to fit the needs of
the owners.

Before installing your own home alarm system, you
should check out different home security alarms before finally
purchasing one. Determine where you will place the alarm and which part
of your home is vulnerable to burglars. You can also ask police stations
in your area and see if they have a central monitoring where you can
pass signal from your security alarm.

Purchase the home alarm system that fits your home and will surely protect your family and your belongings.

ADT Alarm System

February 17, 2015

Today there are plenty of home security products available in the
market. A burglar alarm is one of them. Burglar alarms are electronic
gadgets that are designed to alert threat or danger.

Most of the
burglar alarm system consists of some essential parts they could be a
siren, a keypad, access monitors, and a control panel and in case of ADT
monitoring system it could have an off site control station. These
features can protect a person and his belongings from an intruder but
some are gadgets freak and would desire to have sophisticated or
advanced features of home alarm systems. These ADT home security systems
may include a smoke detector, glass break detector, a motion detector
and a panic button.

Most people consider that the burglar security
systems are implemented to restrict a burglar or an intruder from
getting in. But these systems could be used in various categories to
safeguard your house and warn you during an emergency which could strike
your home anytime.

Fire Alarm: These burglar alarms can be used
during a fire breakout that alerts you during the initial smoke. They
are coined as smoke detectors or smoke detection systems, which will
sound an alarm and will alert you if a smoke is detected.

Break Detectors: This is another feature of the ADT security system; it
lets the owner know that there is a glass break and gets activated when
the sound is identified. This is possible because most of the home alarm
systems are accessed to the PCs or the laptops which identifies the
opening and closing of the doors and windows. Since the windows are the
most vulnerable targets for easy break-in, these security systems are
placed at the windows shelf to avoid an intrusion from being operated.

Panic Buttons: The ADT security system also gets you
these hand held devices which can be placed at any corner of the house.
By utilizing these panic buttons the owner can send an immediate message
which will alert the monitoring center. The important feature of the
panic button is that it can send silent signals or can make an audible
siren that could be heard throughout the house. If the burglar tries to
disarm the panic button by using a special code or a key then the button
would send a silent signal to the monitoring room.

Detectors: These devices act as backup devices or last line of defense
in the ADT security systems. If an intruder enters your home without
your knowledge, these detectors picks up senses and alerts the house
owner of the intruder’s presence. The siren sets off sending a message
to the owner alerting of the existence of the intruder. The motion
detectors thus aid in detecting the motion or the body language of the
uninvited guest and alert the owner of his presence.

Lights: The owner can now send an instant signal from his car or through
his mobile before he could arrive to his house. The home alarm system
would transmit a signal and would illuminate the interior and the
exterior of the house. The home alarm system can also be programmed to
turn on the lights when the alarm is triggered by an intruder.

Investing in a Top-Of-The-Line Home Alarm System

January 31, 2015

My first thought when our insurance agent broached purchasing a
home alarm system was, “Oh no!” I say this for two reasons. I’ll admit
the first is the ostrich approach. I don’t want to believe I live in a
world where alarming your home is a necessity. The second is pure
laziness. I don’t want to disarm and reset a security system every time I
enter and exit my house.

However, home invasions are on the rise.
They have been since 1995. Statistics show that one in five North
American homes will be broken in to in 2012. That’s two million US homes
a year. Insurance companies are offering attractive incentives to those
who opt to install a house security system.

So we decided. (One
of us decided and the other ran out of rationalizations not to get a
home security mechanism) That was only the beginning! Have you looked
recently at the choices in home security systems?

Purchasing the Right Home Security System

is a dizzying array of choices and price ranges house security method.
My husband, of course, was sure we needed the Cadillac of alarm systems
with all the bells and whistles. Since we do not live in The White
House, I was inclined to go a little more conservative.

Some home
security equipments are equipped with various options. One includes:
wireless auto-dial main panel with sensors on such things as: windows,
doors and cupboards. In short, you can install sensors so that, if
anything opens or shuts, you will know it. This security equipment can
be armed or disarmed from a remote location. Heck, I can’t even access
my answering machine messages unless I am standing right in front of it!

If you want something less intricate, you can purchase
security equipment that allows surveillance of your home from a short
distance. It detects motion of a human being from up to twelve hundred
feet of your house. The one that always appeals to the geeks of the
family is a home security system which allows you to program up to nine
different numbers. And I can’t remember my social security number!

kids were particularly fond of a system which produced a deafening
blast when it was violated. They begged the accommodating salesman to
set it off again and again, each time delighting in its 110 decibel
siren. I ruled that one out immediately realizing it would make us
instantly unpopular in our quiet neighborhood.

Which One to Choose?

left the security system store with a handful of brochures, ringing
ears and information overload. Shopping for a home alarm system is hard
work! Narrowing the choices to which system best fits your family’s
needs is an overwhelming task. We knew we had to make a choice. A home
alarm system is the best way to protect your family and your assets-and
save on home insurance into the bargain.

We decided that the most
efficient way to select a home security system was to make a list of the
options we wanted and talk to a trusted sales representative.

Skylink SC-1000 Wireless Alarm System – The Ultimate in Home Security

January 24, 2015

Having a safe home and knowing that your home is protected from
things like fire, water, and theft is a very relieving thing for a home
owner. Being safe in your own home is something that should always be
and should always be felt by the person living there. Thanks to alarms
like the Skylink SC-1000 Complete Wireless Alarm System, this is
possible in many ways.

Being safe within a house is very important
and sometimes alarm systems such as this are needed in order to ensure
safety. Theft and burglary are big things that scare many homeowners and
frighten many children and others living in a home. Just the thought of
it scares many potential home owners into moving to more expensive
neighborhoods just to be safe.

The Skylink system comes with theft
and burglary detection, which is a great feature. The window and door
sensors will automatically set off the alarm if they are triggered while
the alarm is armed. This system will ensure that nobody but the people
who are welcome will ever enter the house of someone who has the Skylink
alarm system.

Fire is another thing that homeowners often cringe
and cry at the thought of. Fires can damage parts of homes and make them
irreplaceable, but they can also kill people, which can never be
replaced. The alarm system of the Skylink sets off an alarm and sends a
message to the fire department in case of a fire, which ensures safety
at all times, even when the family is sound asleep.

The alarm even
has a built in flood sensor. This will let the homeowner know if water
suddenly starts gushing into the house. Flash floods cause thousands of
deaths and injuries each year, and knowing if one is about to strike
your home can mean the difference between life and death in many cases.

In all, this wireless alarm system has thirty sensors,
all of which are built in to make your life at home much more peaceful
and safe. The advanced technology of the system also helps to reduce the
amount of false alarms which are given. This can drastically save and
cut costs that are spent each year due to false alarms and emergency
services being called.

The system is very easy to install, but
should be installed by a professional. It is a wireless system so there
is no need for the pesky wires that come with some of the other home
alarm systems. This one just needs to be set up and then it is ready to

The most interesting feature of the system is the nine number
calling feature. If the sensors are set off and the alarm sounds, you
can have your choice of nine people and establishments to call. A
prerecorded message can be left with emergency services, your friends,
and your family.

Alarm systems are a needed addition to many homes
all over the world today. The world is not as safe as it used to be.
Thanks to systems like the Skylink SC-1000 Complete Wireless Alarm
System the world has never been safer and had so bright a future.

Learn Why Burglars Choose Certain Homes and Avoid Ones With Certain Home Security Systems

January 18, 2015

Learn why burglars choose certain homes and avoid ones with
certain home security systems, since break-ins are rising in every
neighborhood. The burglar is educated in home security systems, they
watch the house to see the movements of the family, which means they
know how often the house is empty for long periods of time. They also
will check to see if there are home alarm system decals in the window
and a sign in the yard. This means the house is protected by a home
security system that has the ability to monitor when the alarm is
triggered and then use the telephone to call trained operators that will
alert the authorities.

Burglars know this type of home security
system is one they cannot get past without running a high risk of
getting caught. One of the features that technology has made possible to
keep ahead of burglars is this type of home security system is able to
use a cell phone to contact the operators at the monitoring center if
the house telephone is not working correctly, like in a case where the
burglar cut the telephone lines. The burglar has no way to stop a cell
phone call, no wires to cut and no access to the phone. There are some
home alarm systems that do not have this feature, instead all they are
able to do is sound an alarm within the house, meant to scare the
burglar. These alarms depend on neighbors hearing them and calling the
police, which work less and less. Since most cars come with alarm
systems that go off often without reason, people have grown deaf to the
sound of an alarm going off. The burglar does not have a fear of this
house, since no one is going to pay much attention to the noise in most

Then the burglar also watches the house and family to
see if the home security system is armed, since the windows as well as
the doors need to be closed for the home alarm to protect the house. If
windows are left open it does not matter that the family has the best
alarm system, because it is not protecting the house. Burglars also look
for houses that have trees and bushes that create hiding places near
the house, so they have all the time they need to break-in without being
seen by anyone. These are reasons why burglars choose certain houses
and pass by other houses that have certain types of home security
systems. They know this is a home alarm that can ensure they get caught
in the act of breaking into the house and that means getting arrested.
Burglars look at every element of the house they choose to steal from
and then there are the houses they just don’t bother to even think about
in any neighborhood, even the more rural area that could be a prime
candidate for them to break into without being seen.

Keeping the Home Safe

January 16, 2015

Home security alarms were once considered as forms of luxury. But
nowadays when crime rates have rampantly increased in almost every
location, this former extravagance has evolved into one of the household
requisites for the prevention of burglary and unwanted invasion.

home security alarm system may have the inclusion of cameras, motion
detection devices, electronic door locks, and silent or loud sound
alarms that can be used in a variety of ways. Cameras are used for
monitoring actions in and around the house vicinity and recording them
to be viewed later. Motion detection devices emit beams which when
disturbed by a certain motions, an alarm will set off to prompt the
police. Electronic door locks employ the input of number combination for
its activation or deactivation. When a trespasser or intruder attempt
to unlock it by entering an incorrect code, an alarm will set off
announcing a possible intrusion.

In safeguarding the home against law offenders or probable harm, different types of home security alarms may be used, such as:

  • Burglar alarm is almost synonymous to a home security system. This
    consist of a basic alarm package including window and door sensors,
    motion detectors, main control panel, centrally located keypad, exterior
    security sign and hard-wired or wireless construction. A security
    provider generally monitors the burglar alarm which alerts the proper
    authorities of illegal break-ins.
  • Electric Current Home alarm is a prevalent type of home alarm. This
    alarm can be placed or set up in an entryway within the vicinity of the
    house such as the front door, basement door, garage door, and windows. A
    continuous current is created to the entryway. When a person enters or
    opens the entryway without first disabling the alarm, an alerting noise
    will instantly be produced or an automatic alert will be sent directly
    to the police or security officers.
  • Motion Detector alarms are also available in keeping the house safe
    and secured. This alarm conveys microwaves of ultrasonic sound waves
    within the vicinity of the house. When there is disturbance in the sound
    waves, the system automatically announce an alert. Like an electric
    home alarm, the motion detector alarm may as well send the alarm to the
    police headquarters.
  • Infrared systems is a highly developed system of security that
    brings out the alert upon detection of body heat. A substantial change
    in the immediate temperature may also raise an alarm. It could also be
    integrated to automatically call the authorities at the alarm set off.

Keeping the house safe is not only protecting the home
from trespassers or intruders. Other factors like smoke and fire, may
also contribute to the safety of the dwellers and the house itself.
Smoke alarms have multiple batteries or hard-wired smoke detectors and
possible inclusion of strobe lights and other features specifically
meant for the elders and hearing-impaired individuals. Fire alarms have a
sequence of smoke detectors, heat detectors and in-home sprinkler if
there is any installed in the house. These devices play crucial roles in
saving and safeguarding homes and lives.

Description and Uses of Home Alarms

October 31, 2014

Instructions in installing home alarms fast and easy can be done through the following:

Mount antenna in order that the space between the alarm and sensor is not more that.5 inches apart.

Make use of ON/OFF/CHIME button to disarm.

Mount the alarm on elevated portion of the door so that children may not be able to reach it.

Safety – this alarm which is placed on top of the door that leads to
the pool will warn you if your child has is opening the door. When the
opens the alarm produces a nonstop beeping awaiting turn off or when the
door is closed. This item might be turned off through the switch at the
side if not needed. Do not forget to mount the alarm on top of the door
so that the children can not be able to reach it. Please verify the
pool alarm regulations before ordering.

Other usages of door magnetic alarms; they are used in the following:

Freezers – to inform the owner that the door is open

Cabinets in the kitchen – to keep children out

Windows – to be sure that burglars stay out

Sliding glass entrance or door – to keep kids inside the house

Hotels – to warn if burglars try to come in

Try to purchase
alarm for each window or door. These alarms may be attached by masking
tapes or can be screwed on the door. This is the first measure of kid
proofing the house. If you have kids at home, be sure to mount the door
alarm in higher part of the door in order that the kids may not be able
to reach it.

Home Security and Alarms is a guide for consumers to reasonable home and assets protection.

Since the plan of most houses is similar, criminal
elements search for definite weaknesses of home security before they
hit. Back doors having damaged or old locks, windows that are open,
basement windows which may be jolted easily and newspapers that are
piled up in the front balcony encourage intruders to try a burglary.
Robbery, rape and assault frequently occur in expected patterns. Acquire
the latest regarding home security by studying the system to determine
dangerous situations capable of threatening the lives of your family and
your own life as well as your belongings.

The basic peripheral
accessories or components of security system are: true and counterfeit
security cameras, motion sensors, video screens and hanging wireless
controllers. Wireless machinery is taking by storm the security business
since more than fifty percent of security items being sold nowadays are
wireless goods. This fresh technology united with central processing
unit (CPU) microprocessors is creating stylish sensors that may
differentiate between a person and family pet, and so permit home
security system to work in situations.