Causes Of Poor Home Theater Acoustics

Also voted the best is one of the most important elements when you watch a movie, and poor acoustics home theater can lead to the quality of sound is echoey, cheap, and creates the experience of the poor on an equal footing to listen. After that the best 7.1 surround sound speaker setup is last in the room that does not give the right balance of sound reflection and absorption. Both are required for the ideal home theater audio. Contrary to belief, should not absorb all the sound in home theater. While a certain amount of what is necessary, and also requests from the reflecting surfaces to assist in the transfer of sound to all parts of the room. Absorptive capacity of the cushions, furniture, wall panels, curtains, carpets, and reflects the calm voice does not echo.

If the audio in your home theater is too echoey or dull and flat, and consider some possible reasons below.

1. Hardwood Floors

Home theater with hardwood floors will provide space for a more expressive sound waves because it is based loudspeakers. Along with the hard walls and ceiling, the room echoed the virtual room, is not ideal to enjoy optimum sound. You do not necessarily need to carpet the room completely. The carpet between the public and the first row of speakers in many cases enough to absorb the sound waves are many, and dramatically reduce the echo.

2. Angular corners of the wall

Another possible cause of the poor acoustics are cruel and angles found in the angles between the walls. They cause sound waves to bounce around the room, and increased echoes and interfering with good sound. Can alleviate this problem by a few well-placed acoustic tiles. You can also install some of the squares of foam, and dark sound absorbing. You do not need to cover every square inch of the walls with tiles or foam, but the subject of a symmetric cut of 4-6 that would ease the corners of the room.

3. Language Placement

If surround sound speakers are not placed in a better place, and the sound emitted by them may be going to a corner kick in that it echoes. Or it may be a direct confrontation plush sofa, which absorbs a lot of sound. In both cases, it leads to the voice of the poor. There are appropriate arrangements for the surround sound speakers in home theater. Should be upon the re-arrangement of speakers in a more favorable, the voice of improvement.

4. Furniture firm

Furniture can be hard also contribute to the sound waves bouncing unnecessarily. Should be made sofas and chairs from plush, upholstered article. Avoid the use of large tables as possible. You need a place to drink, though. Consider the use of small side tables that are out of the way of the sound source platform.

If your home theater and audio voice of the poor, chances are this is caused by something in this list. Since not every home theater is the same, the voice of the poor in your home theater may be caused by one or more of them. Determine the cause and treatment often requires only a simple purchase or slightly modified, but everything can cost more if you want to make serious adjustments.

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