Dcor Tips for a Calm and Relaxing Bedroom

The bedroom is your secret oasis where you can retreat from stress and read, relax and sleep. When decorating these walls and beds you can create a very calming and peaceful atmosphere just by using the right colours, tones and accessories.

Interior decor has an effect on your mood, so when you walk into this relaxing bedroom you will immediately feel at peace and ready to unwind. Many people find it helps them to ease into sleep better when lying in their beds and they have a more peaceful sleep as a result. Here are some creative tips for making your bedroom the ultimate private sanctuary:

Most importantly, remove all clutter. A messy overcrowded bedroom makes it difficult to relax. Add extra storage systems to keep clutter out of sight so that it doesn’t distract you when you are sleeping.

When you are painting the bedroom, choose colours which will have a calming effect. Using light shades of sky blue and sea green work well, as well as light shades of white or off white.

Bright oranges, red and yellows are too simulating for the mind and should be used in a kitchen or an office instead.

Think about the fabrics that feel the most comfortable and soothing to you, such as silk, soft cotton or flannel and use them on the beds.

When choosing fabrics, avoid crazy and complex patterns and choose simple and elegant styles.

Lighting is very important in a bedroom because it triggers your mind into knowing that it is time to sleep. Avoid having one bright overhead light in favour of softer lighting around the room.

Having a lamp by the beds is a good idea so that you can read for a bit before bed and also see your way to the toilet in the middle of the night without having to blind yourself with the main room light.

Decor inspired by nature is usually calming, so incorporate elements of this into your bedroom. For example, a photograph of waves breaking on the shore, some sea shells in a tray or an area rug with a leaf pattern.

These are just a few ideas for decorating your beds, walls and floor so that they bring you a feeling of peace and relaxation.

Many people find that they feel more relaxed in their beds when they have the right decor in their bedroom. Here are some tips for decorating a relaxing space.