How Does Insulation Reduce Home Energy Wastage

many people, you are probably concerned about the impact that your home
energy usage is having on the planet. In the UK, approximately one
quarter of all carbon emissions are generated through home energy usage.
More than 80% of the energy used by households in the UK is generated
for heating, and more than half of that generated heat can escape
through the walls and roof of a home. Home insulation for lofts and
cavity walls can reduce that amount significantly, helping you cut down
on the amount of carbon emissions that your home generates, which in
return shrinks the property’s carbon footprint and, as a reward,
utilities bills too.

Reducing Home Energy Wastage through Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation

It is estimated that households who install cavity wall and loft
insulation, along with various draught exclusion methods, can reduce
their home energy bills by up to