How To Build Brick Steps

It makes a lot of sense to study how to construct brick steps since it is useful for your everyday routine. Unlike other home improvement projects, you do not have to possess a lot of knowledge and skills about carpentry to finish the project.


The materials and tools needed are trowel, bricks, mortar, cement mixture, shovel, two by four wooden boards, measuring tape, saw, hammer, nails, bolts and screws.


You should first pick the location of your project. Fix it by cleaning all rocks and grass. Since you will be placing cement mixture in the area, it needs to be flat as possible. Make square frames from the wooden boards. Use a saw to create each part. Remember to create it the same size as the foot steps that you want to create.

This will serve as the framework for your set-up so make sure that all of the measurements are correct. Place it on the correct location. Mix the cement mix if necessary. Carefully place it on the square. Use a trowel to even the surface. Check to see if there are any bumps. Allow the set-up to harden for twenty-four hours. Use the tape measure to check the total distance from the top of the porch to the base that you created.

Aside from that, check the height of the brick. This will help you of how many foot steps that you need to create. Place a one inch mortar mixture over the cement mixture. Flatten over some bumps that you will see in the set-up. Place the bricks on top of each other on the mortar mixture. Place a half an inch space for each bricks.

Once all of the bricks have been place in the first layer, use the trowel to scoop some mortar mixture. Use the mortar the fill in the spaces that you have made. Apply it evenly on the bricks. Place a 2nd layer. Keep doing this process until you finish. Finally, scoop up the excess mixture around the brick edges.


Make sure that you get the correct measurements. Use the tape measurement because even a slight measurement mistake could make the whole thing collapse. Use gloves to protect your hands while carrying the bricks.

If the weather is too hot, work in your project in the afternoons to avoid heat stroke. Aside from that, remember to take breaks as many as possible so that you will not be too exhausted and it will make things easier and enjoyable.