Investing in a Top-Of-The-Line Home Alarm System

My first thought when our insurance agent broached purchasing a
home alarm system was, “Oh no!” I say this for two reasons. I’ll admit
the first is the ostrich approach. I don’t want to believe I live in a
world where alarming your home is a necessity. The second is pure
laziness. I don’t want to disarm and reset a security system every time I
enter and exit my house.

However, home invasions are on the rise.
They have been since 1995. Statistics show that one in five North
American homes will be broken in to in 2012. That’s two million US homes
a year. Insurance companies are offering attractive incentives to those
who opt to install a house security system.

So we decided. (One
of us decided and the other ran out of rationalizations not to get a
home security mechanism) That was only the beginning! Have you looked
recently at the choices in home security systems?

Purchasing the Right Home Security System

is a dizzying array of choices and price ranges house security method.
My husband, of course, was sure we needed the Cadillac of alarm systems
with all the bells and whistles. Since we do not live in The White
House, I was inclined to go a little more conservative.

Some home
security equipments are equipped with various options. One includes:
wireless auto-dial main panel with sensors on such things as: windows,
doors and cupboards. In short, you can install sensors so that, if
anything opens or shuts, you will know it. This security equipment can
be armed or disarmed from a remote location. Heck, I can’t even access
my answering machine messages unless I am standing right in front of it!

If you want something less intricate, you can purchase
security equipment that allows surveillance of your home from a short
distance. It detects motion of a human being from up to twelve hundred
feet of your house. The one that always appeals to the geeks of the
family is a home security system which allows you to program up to nine
different numbers. And I can’t remember my social security number!

kids were particularly fond of a system which produced a deafening
blast when it was violated. They begged the accommodating salesman to
set it off again and again, each time delighting in its 110 decibel
siren. I ruled that one out immediately realizing it would make us
instantly unpopular in our quiet neighborhood.

Which One to Choose?

left the security system store with a handful of brochures, ringing
ears and information overload. Shopping for a home alarm system is hard
work! Narrowing the choices to which system best fits your family’s
needs is an overwhelming task. We knew we had to make a choice. A home
alarm system is the best way to protect your family and your assets-and
save on home insurance into the bargain.

We decided that the most
efficient way to select a home security system was to make a list of the
options we wanted and talk to a trusted sales representative.