Landscape Architecture and Garden Design – Melbourne Australia

In Australia it has not traditionally been important for the house holder to employ a landscape designer or landscape architect often feeling that this is within their own expertise. However in recent years, people have come to realise that they do not have either the skill or design ability to create a fully sustainable and coherent garden design to suit their lifestyle and choose plants suitable for the size and climatic conditions of their area.

Botanical Traditions – Landcape Architecture (Melbourne, Australia) At Botanical Traditions we strive to capture the imagination with landscape design that enhances the constructed environment. The goal of all our garden design is to maximise the quality of indoor and outdoor living while at the same time providing cost effective sustainable returns for our clients.

Professional Landscape and Horticultural Design Our landscape design team consists of designers, horticulturists and strategic thinkers committed to mixing art with design and technology. We pride ourselves on having a strong partnership with our clients and other related professionals, such as landscapers and paving firms, to create beautiful, functional landscape and horticultural designs that really are an asset to their surroundings and the garden and lifestyle of their owners.