Learn Why Burglars Choose Certain Homes and Avoid Ones With Certain Home Security Systems

Learn why burglars choose certain homes and avoid ones with
certain home security systems, since break-ins are rising in every
neighborhood. The burglar is educated in home security systems, they
watch the house to see the movements of the family, which means they
know how often the house is empty for long periods of time. They also
will check to see if there are home alarm system decals in the window
and a sign in the yard. This means the house is protected by a home
security system that has the ability to monitor when the alarm is
triggered and then use the telephone to call trained operators that will
alert the authorities.

Burglars know this type of home security
system is one they cannot get past without running a high risk of
getting caught. One of the features that technology has made possible to
keep ahead of burglars is this type of home security system is able to
use a cell phone to contact the operators at the monitoring center if
the house telephone is not working correctly, like in a case where the
burglar cut the telephone lines. The burglar has no way to stop a cell
phone call, no wires to cut and no access to the phone. There are some
home alarm systems that do not have this feature, instead all they are
able to do is sound an alarm within the house, meant to scare the
burglar. These alarms depend on neighbors hearing them and calling the
police, which work less and less. Since most cars come with alarm
systems that go off often without reason, people have grown deaf to the
sound of an alarm going off. The burglar does not have a fear of this
house, since no one is going to pay much attention to the noise in most

Then the burglar also watches the house and family to
see if the home security system is armed, since the windows as well as
the doors need to be closed for the home alarm to protect the house. If
windows are left open it does not matter that the family has the best
alarm system, because it is not protecting the house. Burglars also look
for houses that have trees and bushes that create hiding places near
the house, so they have all the time they need to break-in without being
seen by anyone. These are reasons why burglars choose certain houses
and pass by other houses that have certain types of home security
systems. They know this is a home alarm that can ensure they get caught
in the act of breaking into the house and that means getting arrested.
Burglars look at every element of the house they choose to steal from
and then there are the houses they just don’t bother to even think about
in any neighborhood, even the more rural area that could be a prime
candidate for them to break into without being seen.