Luxury Furniture And Designer Homeware In South Africa

South Africans are savvy consumers who are not afraid to experiment with design influences, seeking out the best international inspirations and local styles to create home interiors that, at their ultimate, are on trend and timeless. The best luxury furniture and designer homeware transforms space, creating an energy and atmosphere that is a joy to inhabit and express your personality.

The greatest design choices are always the ones that reflect your personal style. That doesn’t mean sticking with what you know. It’s being fearless about trying new things and finding inspiration that resonates with you. Luxury furniture is not an end in itself: the right furniture will enhance your living space.

There are as many different ways to stamp your identity on a room as there are rooms to decorate. In some instances you might want to make a dramatic statement with an iconic furnishing, or coordinate a number of furnishings that subtly express your taste.

Within your home, your options are similarly varied. Do you want to extend a theme throughout the house, perhaps with understated variations from room to room? Or indulge in contrast, perhaps achieving an eclectic bohemian effect?

Some prefer the stark purity of minimalist chairs and tables, others the sumptuous comfort of designer leather sofas and chairs. Some will audaciously combine both.

Design details

Arranging a room is about organising space. It’s also about attention to detail. Designer homeware, astutely arranged, adds texture and colour to a room, draws attention to the room’s best features and sets a mood.

Maximise your use of space with mirrors and lighting. Lighting is integral to creating an atmosphere; moreover, the light fittings themselves can be objects of great sculptural beauty.

Possibly even more than furniture, the interplay of designer homeware is paramount – wall art, sculpture and exquisite carpets blending harmoniously or strikingly clashing.

Form and function

Choosing between style and function is becoming less of a concern. More than ever it is possible to find quality furniture and homeware that is designed to make life easier while looking great.

Shelving made from pale natural woods, slatted teak bathmats, natural stone soap trays, reading lights that substitute as objets d’art; there is no reason why buying the things you need should not overlap with purchasing the objects you really want.

Choosing luxury furniture in South Africa

The best way to choose furniture is to see it in context. It may not be practical to move fifteen different couches into your living room, but you can go to a luxury furniture store that replicates a home environment.

A luxury furniture warehouse is the best place to see how furniture works in space and with other pieces.

The great thing about browsing is that you don’t have to enter the store with any preconceptions about what you want. You can walk through and see how different furniture interacts in different environments, and take inspiration from the store designers’ expert arrangements.