Shabby Chic Bedroom All About Rest And Relaxation

Shabby chic is a design to use for the bedroom if you want it to be the ultimate space for your much needed R&R. This style is not too heavy on the eyes but instead, makes use of light colors and simple furnishings. It also creates a cozy nook for sleep. All these can be achieved without breaking the bank as shabby chic is about vintage, old, and used items. No need to buy everything brand new. What you already have can be used as bedroom decors.

To turn your bedroom into a sanctuary start with transforming the bed. If you have available to you wooden doors, an iron gate, or any other interesting item that can be attached to the wall turn it in to a headboard. Next concentrate on bed linens.

For a more comforting feel, place an area rug at the side of the bed. Planting your feet on a soft fabric upon waking up is indeed a nice feeling. In general, area rugs create a relaxing ambiance, so a rug anywhere in the room will make your bedroom a more inviting space – at the foot of the bed, in front of the door, under the dresser or in the middle of the room.

The cozy and relaxing feel makes use of light colors like neutrals and pastels. An area rug in this color suits the motif perfectly. Similarly, fabrics in this color scheme go well with the subtle yet tranquil look.

Lighting sets the mood in your room. Why not try hanging a small chandelier over your bed? And if that’s not your flavor place glass candle holders around your room or find lamps that have prisms or beads hanging from the shade. All that’s left is an area rug.

Lighting too is an important element for the cozy ambiance. Harsh light is right for cleaning and getting ready for work. But for chilling out, a soft light will help you de-stress. Lamps are must-haves in this case.

Of course, don’t forget to throw in some of your personal items. Pretty presents, souvenir items and even your cross-stitched masterpiece will be sentimental additions to your bedroom.