Skylink SC-1000 Wireless Alarm System – The Ultimate in Home Security

Having a safe home and knowing that your home is protected from
things like fire, water, and theft is a very relieving thing for a home
owner. Being safe in your own home is something that should always be
and should always be felt by the person living there. Thanks to alarms
like the Skylink SC-1000 Complete Wireless Alarm System, this is
possible in many ways.

Being safe within a house is very important
and sometimes alarm systems such as this are needed in order to ensure
safety. Theft and burglary are big things that scare many homeowners and
frighten many children and others living in a home. Just the thought of
it scares many potential home owners into moving to more expensive
neighborhoods just to be safe.

The Skylink system comes with theft
and burglary detection, which is a great feature. The window and door
sensors will automatically set off the alarm if they are triggered while
the alarm is armed. This system will ensure that nobody but the people
who are welcome will ever enter the house of someone who has the Skylink
alarm system.

Fire is another thing that homeowners often cringe
and cry at the thought of. Fires can damage parts of homes and make them
irreplaceable, but they can also kill people, which can never be
replaced. The alarm system of the Skylink sets off an alarm and sends a
message to the fire department in case of a fire, which ensures safety
at all times, even when the family is sound asleep.

The alarm even
has a built in flood sensor. This will let the homeowner know if water
suddenly starts gushing into the house. Flash floods cause thousands of
deaths and injuries each year, and knowing if one is about to strike
your home can mean the difference between life and death in many cases.

In all, this wireless alarm system has thirty sensors,
all of which are built in to make your life at home much more peaceful
and safe. The advanced technology of the system also helps to reduce the
amount of false alarms which are given. This can drastically save and
cut costs that are spent each year due to false alarms and emergency
services being called.

The system is very easy to install, but
should be installed by a professional. It is a wireless system so there
is no need for the pesky wires that come with some of the other home
alarm systems. This one just needs to be set up and then it is ready to

The most interesting feature of the system is the nine number
calling feature. If the sensors are set off and the alarm sounds, you
can have your choice of nine people and establishments to call. A
prerecorded message can be left with emergency services, your friends,
and your family.

Alarm systems are a needed addition to many homes
all over the world today. The world is not as safe as it used to be.
Thanks to systems like the Skylink SC-1000 Complete Wireless Alarm
System the world has never been safer and had so bright a future.