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How to Improve your Bathroom with Interior Design

April 23, 2015

Before anything else, you need to make yourself a list of what it is you want from your bathroom. Be sure to go through this list, and check that everything you need is on it. Rate what you have listed in order of its importance to your final vision and be prepared to compromise in certain lesser areas should issues arise through your shopping.

One thing to ensure you have well placed on your list is a large mirror. For practical reasons this should be positioned in a focal area. However, if it is not possible to have a good sized mirror, do try and allow light in with multiple mirrors or mirrored tiles.

If mirrored tiles are not quite your thing, consider going for a glossed finished option. Much as with the mirror, these will reflect a lot of light and thereby give an impression of space into the bathroom suite. Whilst tiles should generally match or compliment the fittings of the suite, do not be afraid to juxtapose different colors; particularly on feature walls.

Keeping with tiling, a good trick to heighten a room is with the addition of a border towards the ceiling. This naturally draws the eye upwards, thus gives the impression of space. For the floor, creating a mosaic or circular design to the tiles will also help make the room feel more spacious.

If you intend to replace the entire bathroom suite; fittings and all, it could be well worth considering relocating the plumbing. Moving the tub or replacing this with a standalone shower may give more space of course. However, plumbing work can be an immense job, so do ensure you have the necessary skills; or you know somebody who does!

Some stunning fittings for the smaller bathroom area can be easily found these days. However, before splurging your paycheck on these; do be sure to pay at least a cursory visit to discount stores, online auction sites and even reclamation yards to see if any bargains exist. They are out there, just bear with the search!

When looking at new fittings, it is highly recommended that you go for an all white suite. This not only helps with selling on your property in the future, but helps retain a clean, crisp and tidy look. If color is needed, this can be added perfectly well with linens, accessories, mats, rugs and anything else easily removable you can think of.

Paying attention to the fundamental details for your bathroom suite will not just get you the look you wanted, but will also last. Keeping the design and look fresh and new.

Terry Metcalfe writes on behalf of Burnley Plumbing Supplies suppliers of high quality bathrooms, bath taps, kitchens, steam showers and an extensive range of plumbing and heating supplies.