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Tips on How to Start Your Home Renovation

September 20, 2015

Home renovation is a big investment on the homeowner’s part. Whether
they plan to stay in their house for a long time or increase its sales
value, getting home renovations should address the problems that they
intend to solve. This undertaking can range from replacements of the
house’s interior or exterior features or add enhancements like energy
efficient light bulbs.

There are several factors to consider when doing home
renovations and the task can be daunting when homeowners do not put a
tab on them. Home remodeling should focus on prioritized areas for both
indoor and outdoor renovation. For example, if the house is large enough
and home additions are not a priority, homeowners can focus on making
the house’s lighting system more energy-efficient instead. Remodeling
the areas that need repairs before doing aesthetic improvements is a
good start to baseline home renovations.

Pertaining to interior
ideas, drywalls in bad condition can be replaced by new sheets. This
process requires mudding, taping, and popcorn texturing that are applied
in walls and ceilings to cover imperfections. Homeowners can use
wallpaper for the entire wall to update a smoothen drywall. For an
additional storage space, homeowners can replace old building shelves
with new ones and add metal or wooden panels for a new look.

renovation, like installing a new window for example, is a good way to
start saving on energy costs. Energy-efficient windows like vinyl
windows are strongly sealed to prevent wind or moist from leaking into
the house. Minor renovations like caulking cracks and replacing damaged
vinyl also contributes to better thermo regulation.

with wooden floors can be either refurbished with buffing the wood
planks or repairing it with wood fillers. If homeowners are on a tight
budget, they can opt to have laminated floors or floating wood that
mimics the same appearance of a hardwood. If homeowners want to have
their home’s floors renovated, they can contact Cape Cod renovation

If homeowners are thinking of getting a makeover
for their kitchen, they can opt to have new cabinets, install glass
countertops or garbage disposals, and include ceiling fans. These Cape
Cod home renovations can transform the kitchen and make it function more
efficiently. Homeowners can also choose to have low-energy light bulbs
to save on electricity.

Home remodeling can be taxing, but it all
becomes worthwhile when homeowners see their home’s new appearance.
With this, they should be extra careful in not incurring any accidents
that can hamper the whole renovation process (i.e. getting electrocuted
or busting a pipe). So if home renovations include dealing with
electrical wirings and plumbing lines, homeowners should contact Cape
Cod house renovation professionals to do the job.

Are You Building A Raised Level Above Your Cape Cod Style Home

March 23, 2015

Hiring a NJ Home Improvement Contractor to build a Raised Level in your Cape Cod home has quite a few advantages for you and your family. A Cape Cod home (a lot of people call it a cape) usually has two bedrooms on the first floor along with the kitchen, bathroom and the dining area. Opening the front door a staircase going upstairs lies right in front of you however some capes also have the staircase located nearby the kitchen or near the mid area of the house. Upstairs, theres usually 1 of 2 choices. The entire top floor either can be one large room. Most times there are a couple of rooms usually split in the center. The trade mark ceiling line contained in the top floor of the cape is known for their low lying ceilings maxing out usually at seven to seven and a half feet ceiling height. New home construction ceiling height is minimum eight feet, so these ceilings are thought to be low. The unfortunate point here is where the knee wall slopes up into your ceiling, this slanted ceiling area is much wasted space. Its difficult to stand, walk or even put furniture inside the area close to the knee walls. A knee wall is a short wall, usually approximately four five feet high. These knee walls are built inwards towards the center of a home from either or both your very front and or back walls of your first floor.
The concept of building your raised level is to maximise the area or square footage that exists in your top floor. The low ceiling height and two knee walls limit the functionality of your respective existing top floor as part of your cape. Remember the 4 knee walls are built inwards out of your back and front wall usually a minimum of four feet. This creates a dead space and often winds up being a tiny storage area that may be hardly accessible. There are various Raised Level floor layouts that may be customized for your home . Each home is very unique, but more important it’s possible to really maximize the brand new Raised Level floor plan. Your raised level home improvement contractor needs to customize the new layout in accordance with the floorspace that your particular house has. Your NJ Home Improvement Contractor should design your new layout so your floor plan will accommodate at the very least three bedrooms and 1 full bathroom. Also think about a cathedral ceiling with recessed lighting inside the master bedroom. A Jack and Jill door in the standard bathroom is likewise an exceptionally common option. A jack and Jill door is just a second door into your bathroom. This second bathroom door enables access from the single bathroom directly into the master bedroom. This option would be a good match for those families that want a master bathroom but the budget just doesn’t allow it.
Although a three bedroom, one bathroom is a standard package, a four bedroom two bathroom with laundry can really offer you the needed space for a growing family at a reasonable price. The 4 bedroom market for raised levels is growing rapidly. With families growing, it’s very reasonable to construct your raised level and maximize your space. Building above your attached garage or first floor addition will get you this needed floorspace. The associated fee to renovate is cheaper than the cost it may be to pack your loved ones up, buy another house and in many cases , renovate that newly bought house.
Would you agree that you never offers enough closets? If you build your raised level, essentially the most requested item are the closets. These capes literally had little closet space. The two first floor bedrooms had 2′ x 2′ closets if you would like call them that. so that you could understand why closets absolutely are a big item. When building your raised level, the master bedroom ought to have a walk in closet. If room allows, you want his/her separate walk in closets. The other bedrooms all need to have their own personal over sized bi-fold door entry closet, for full easy access to shelving and or hung garments. In the hall, when possible make an effort to build a linen closet near the new bathroom locations.
Since the original capes had low ceilings which were built against the roof rafters at the slope of a typical roof, this usually meant they had little to no attic. Raised Level packages should all include an attic access drop down stair entry. This lets you simply pull down on a chord linked to a folding stair unit that collapses when folded. Pull down on the rope, the ladder unfolds and you’ve maintained access into one’s new attic. Lift the stairs up it also folds back into the ceiling. This attic serves one or two purposes. Usually the new furnace components are installed within the attic neatly tucked away. Also, the new attic is great for extra storage. Ensure that your builder provides lighting and the necessary electric in your attic. In a few regions, this can be mandatory with the intention to meet code requirements.
Make sure you discuss these items with your NJ Home Improvement Contractor.