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Decorating your childs bedroom creatively with cardboard cutouts

March 30, 2015

Do you remember your favorite cartoon character or perhaps your favorite band when you were a kid or teen?

Whether you’ve gone gaga over some silly cartoon character, or had gone bonkers for a celebrity, one thing’s for sure: your room was once filled with their memories. Your room may be all chic or sophisticated now, cool and classy perhaps, but once upon a time, you can’t deny the fact your preferences showed the most in your bedroom filled with posters, toys, and various knick-knacks.

Kids and teens tend to get attached to characters or people they like or look up to. It’s pretty evident in how they act, in how they talk, and yes, in how they want their bedroom to look like. No longer do you expect little girls to go for just pink, and the boys for just blue.

When designing a kid’s or teen’s bedroom, veer away from the traditional/conventional, and instead, take cues from your child’s preferences. A little girl who likes pink may also love butterflies and cute characters of Monsters Inc. A little boy may be all about blue, but also loves trains and cars. Same thing with teens, you may see them as kids and want to design their space with pretty, dainty stuff, but they prefer something cool and quirky.

How do you make your design aesthetic work with theirs? Discover the power of cardboard cutouts! And yes, they do work. For example, if your darling 5-year old daughter loves Monster Inc., and you can’t imagine how to tie this in with the tea party scene you’re imagining for her room, cardboard cutouts of Sulley, Mike Wazowski, and Boo will do the trick. Your teener likes punk rock but you just can’t bear painting his or her room in all black? Well I think a life-sized
cardboard standee of your teener’s favorite band will make the cut.

Cardboard Standees make great bedroom accessories for kids and teens as they are easy to make (with the package, it’s a piece of cake), they’re easy to store away (for when they change preferences), they’re sturdy, and they can change the tone of any room from blah to amazing.

Want to get started on your kids’ or teens’ room decorating project? Get them involved, in making the cardboard standees which will get them really excited.

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