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A Home Alarm System Can Help Prevent Tragic Circumstances

November 7, 2015

If you have ever thought to yourself that life is priceless, then
you can surely agree that a home security system is not that expensive
at all. A home security system can protect your property in the event of
a break in, and perhaps even save your life, or the life of your
family, in the event that a dangerous intruder were to enter. The modern
security systems of today are prepared for every emergency, both
criminal in nature as well as accidental. Consider some of the most
valuable features of one of the industry-standard security systems.

Burglary Sensors: This is the single most important feature that any
security company can offer. Monitored security involves a team of
professionally trained workers monitoring homes that are connected to a
large network. When an alarm is sounded the monitoring center is
informed and they will seek to contact the homeowner as well as local
police officials. This is the most important feature to ask for, because
in this circumstance, someone else is helping you to look after your
belongings. A full video surveillance system will be of little value if
you cannot contact an authority that can get rid of the intruder!

Police Emergency/Fire Alarm: Remember that you need both an automatic
alarm system as well as a manual alarm system installed. Automatic alarm
systems are ideal for when you are on vacation. However, the option of a
manual panic button may be lifesaving. What if you allow someone into
your home that you initially trust, but then see that they are becoming
hostile? This is where a manual police emergency alarm would be ideal.
The same applies for a manual fire alarm.

Smoke/Heat/Carbon Monoxide Detector: This feature
protects you from any other threats besides fire or intrusion, such as
carbon monoxide poisoning that could result from a running car, as well
as extreme heat or smoke. These sensors work automatically and will
notify you and local officials so that help will be sent immediately.
This is ideal planning for when homeowners are out of town.

Sensors: There are also sensors for water or flooding, as well as an AC
Power Failure option. The AC Power failure option could be very
important. What if you are out of town and are counting on electricity
to heat or cool your home? A power outage could result in anything from
property damage to the death of your pets! Besides, why would any
homeowner want to come back to a house in dead summer that hasn’t had
any cool air in a month?

Two Way Voice: Finally, there’s the
option of a two-way voice keypad. This system allows homeowners to talk
to live monitoring representatives. You can do this via landline phone
or cellular connection.

Top of the line home security systems can
mean all the difference between a full and satisfying life, and a life
cut short by terrible tragedy. Remember that whole security systems are
cheap (and are become increasingly less expensive in the modern age)
life is always priceless.