The Value of a Monitored Home Alarm System

In these times when criminals are getting more daring and home
invasions are becoming more commonplace, a home security system is
increasingly becoming an essential investment for homeowners. There are
many types, but most experts agree that one with live monitoring offers
the most protection for the home and family.

Home security systems
have the technology to prevent burglaries and deter prowlers, and
monitoring adds another level of protection. When you have a
professionally installed system that is monitored from a professional
call center, you have 24 hour around the clock protection for your home
whether you are at home or away. This added level of protection means
that a live person will be at the ready when your alarm system is
triggered and will contact you first to see if there is a problem, and
if they don’t get you or the right password, they will immediately
dispatch police to your home in time to apprehend the criminals.

is really the core of an effective alarm system. It is connected with
all of the technical components of your system and the monitor can be
reached at the touch of a button in the event of an emergency. Knowing
that the monitor is always on duty gives homeowners a peace of mind that
their home is protected and covered.

Monitors do more than just
call the authorities when the alarm is triggered. They actually monitor
your security system to see that all the components are properly
functioning. Your alarm system is composed of motion detectors, sensors
for the doors and windows, a high decibel alarm, a control keypad and a
battery backup in the event of a power failure. If any one of these
systems is malfunctioning, the monitor can make you aware of the
situation and dispatch service personnel to your home to make sure your
system continues to function.

Having live monitoring can serve as a deterrent for
criminals who may be watching your home. Criminals often case out
neighborhoods and watch people’s patterns for when they leave the home
and when they arrive home. They may strike when you are not at home, but
a monitored security system will catch them in the act and dispatch
authorities to your home immediately. Of course, having a sign on your
property saying your home is protected with monitoring will serve as a
deterrent and criminals will be less likely to break in.

The value
of a monitored security system cannot be underestimated. Homeowners can
save money on their insurance policy if they have it professionally
installed. More importantly, knowing that a live person is always within
reach when there is a break-in or emergency adds a layer of comfort and
security to the homeowner, who values the safety of the family and
their belongings. A monitored system provides unparalleled protection
for your home and family.