Time to Use The Energy Resources That we Have in Abundance

It’s high time we forget petroleum and natural gas, and look for
alternative sources of energy. The biggest reason why we should no
longer depend on fossil fuels is their limited availability. These
natural resources are finite, and therefore, they can’t be replenished
once you use them up. Second thing that is forcing the world economy to
look for some other power options is the environmental damage that
emission of natural resources causes. And, when we look around for a
better power option, the one thing that comes out prominently is, ‘green
energy resources’.

By green energy resources, we primarily mean sun
power, wind power, biogas, hydro power, etc. The best thing with
renewable energy in India is these resources are infinite; so, no matter
how much we use them, the supply won’t end. Another good thing about
renewable energy sources is they are friendlier to the environment and
healthier for people (as compared to natural power sources, such as
coals). However, the road isn’t as smooth as it may look like.

The biggest hurdle in exploring and exploiting renewable energy in India
is the capital required for setting up a new solar project or wind
farm. Though several manufacturing companies have successfully set-up
solar and wind projects to reduce their dependency on state grids, it’s
still a dream for hundreds and thousands of companies operating in
India. The solution to this problem lies in doing it on a collaborative
basis. Government (both state and central) should also step in with
policies that encourage the development of renewable energy in India.

Many countries across the globe have achieved self-sufficiency (in
terms of energy) with renewable sources, like solar and wind power. And,
we, in India, can also do this. However, this will take time. Private
as well as public sector will have to come together to harness the
potential that lies in the renewable energy sector. Only through this
kind of partnership along with government support, we can ensure an
energy-secure future for our country, for our coming generations.

The need of the hour is to seriously consider increasing our reliance
on renewable energy sources, which are friendlier to the environment and
healthier for people. We’ve to keep reminding ourselves time and again
that fossil fuels are not here forever, and we’ve to find a way for our
survival before these finite energy sources dry up. The best time to
start is now!